Veolia Transport - National Direction France

Consultant at Veolia Transport - Operations - 2010/2011:

  • Exploitation, optimization and security of the French Datacenter (LAN): Monitoring and evolution of the Datacenter architecture, flow management (filtering/translation/routing), remote access management (IPSec/SSL and Reverse Proxy VPN), backup automation active elements, replacement of active elements and migration / addition / deletion of VLANs / subnets.
  • Support for monitoring, evolution and incidents for national and international interconnections (MAN/WAN); Contacts with provider (BT/OBS/SFR) and national and international correspondents.
  • Implementation of management and supervision tools: Nagios, Centreon, Syslog server, IPAM, release form and access management forms.
  • Integration of an international email management infrastructure: Migration of the existing SMTP gateway and establishment of a pool of active/active SMTP gateways with LDAP routing, SPAM management and spoofing management (SPF).